Reinforcing Patient Inclusion Through Education: FGK Donates to EUPATI with FindMeCure’s TrialHub

Press Release

Advancements in innovative treatment practices are attained through the involvement of patients in the process of medicines research and development. To support this, FGK joined the collaboration between FindMeCure and EUPATI by donating a scholarship for the education of patients who want to engage with industry stakeholders in the name of improving key points of medical research.

FGK has a strong stand on addressing diseases through innovative medicine brought by clinical trials. A leading owner-operated European Clinical Research Organization with representatives in multiple countries, FGK aims to increase global access to healthcare through an engaged and detail-oriented approach. FGK’s partnership with FindMeCure further aids the development of medicines by enhancing patient inclusion in the clinical research industry with EUPATI’s Patient Expert program.

The European Patients’ Academy on Therapeutic Innovation, EUPATI, is a multi-stakeholder public-private partnership launched in 2012. It provides accessible and innovative education aimed at empowering patients and patient representatives. With patient inclusivity and stakeholder partnership at its core, it enriches the medicines’ R&D process. EUPATI’s commitment to enhancing patient engagement through education is a mission that many leading industry organizations, such as FindMeCure, support.

Like FGK, FindMeCure asserts the “patients first” approach to clinical research planning and execution. The company aims to bring research closer to patients - a shared goal between all parties resulting in a partnership focused on patient awareness.

By working with FindMeCure’s feasibility data intelligence platform, FGK is donating a full patient scholarship to EUPATI’s Patient Expert program. Patient education and inclusion aid the development of innovative medicines and support industry growth. This collaboration will fortify patient engagement as the new norm in the industry.