FGK celebrates 20 years of business

Press Release

On October 13, FGK held its “20th Anniversary” event in Munich. At the historic location of Nockherberg, we celebrated with more than 250 of our customers, partners, employees and friends. After interesting and inspiring presentations by Prof. Dr. Ulrike Protzer, Dr. Ulrich Granzer and Dr. Tobias Gantner, there was fine food and good conversation. We would like to thank all those present and all those who have accompanied us on our exciting journey since 2002. We are looking forward to the coming decades!

The co-founders Edgar Fenzl and Martin Krauss have led the company from the beginning until today as an owner-managed enterprise with a special focus on own employees and team performance. Looking back at the last 20 years, Edgar Fenzl said: “2002 was a very difficult year for the CRO industry. To establish a CRO back then and to successfully grow and diversify this business over the last 20 years cannot be overstated. A special thanks for this goes to the staff of FGK, as well as to our partners and customers.”

Commenting on the company`s success, Martin Krauss adds, “Clinical research is a people’s business and requires teamwork. Our approach of promoting and involving all employees so that they can reach their full potential creates a foundation that produces exceptional results and is highly valued by our customers.”

FGK was founded in late summer 2002, starting as a small, owner-managed CRO in Munich with a strong focus on high quality and flexible services for biotech, pharma and medical device companies. Over the years, we opened offices in Czech Republic, Poland, Hungary and Berlin and established specialized affiliates across Europe to provide additional regulatory and pharmacovigilance services to our growing international client base. In the spirit of a strongly customer-focused business, we continue to be led by our founders Martin Krauss and Dr. Edgar Fenzl. In 2018, three members of our senior management joined as shareholders: Olaf Böhm, Heiko Debus and Ursula Türcke. We strive for continuous improvement and competent service while maintaining an honest, warm and collegial working environment for our employees. While staying true to our values, more than 200 professionals work at FGK today, ensuring that we can continue to deliver high quality work for successful clinical studies.